General trading questions

What products can I trade with Saxo Capital Markets SA?

Saxo Bank offers a comprehensive range of trading products, including:

  • 160+ Forex crosses (including Gold & Silver)
  • 8,300+ CFDs on Stocks, stock indices, Forex, commodities and ETFs
  • 14,500+ Stocks from more than 29 international exchanges
  • 40+ FX Options
  • 175+ Futures contracts
  • Contract Options on commodities, indices, currencies and more
  • 1500+ ETFs and online funds
  • Selection of Sovereign, Government and Corporate Bonds

What are your trading costs and spreads?

Click here for details on trading rates and commissions for all products we offer.

What trading platforms does Saxo Bank offer?

Saxo Capital Markets offers a suite of trading platforms, including the award-winning SaxoTrader, the flexible SaxoWebTrader, the SaxoMobileTrader and the SaxoTrader app for iPhone and Android.

The entire suite of platforms is integrated under your Saxo account, so you can switch between platforms whenever you choose and always have access to your positions, open orders, live trading, charts and market news.

Click here for more details about Saxo Capita Markets' trading platforms.

Where can I download the SaxoTrader?

If you already have a Live Trading Account or a Demo Account with us but need to download the SaxoTrader platform again you can do it here.

If you don´t have an account yet you can apply for one here:

Does Saxo Capital Markets charge fees for their trading platforms?

An inactivity fee will come into effect as from 1 November 2013.   
If you have not placed a trade during a calendar quarter we will debit £25 from your account at the beginning of the following quarter.

The fee will be charged on a calendar quarter basis with effect from Q1 2014. For the remaining months of this year we will be charging the fee in January 2014 to those clients who have not traded in November and December 2013.

Please note that the inactivity fee cannot reduce your account balance below zero.

SIPP and ISA accounts are excluded and will not be charged an Inactivity fee.

How secure is trading through the SaxoTrader?

SaxoTrader provides a highly secure trading environment using state-of-the-art encryption for communications with the bank.

SaxoTrader authentication relies on an RSA 1024-bit key generated and stored on the client workstation, and data traffic between SaxoTrader and the bank is encrypted using a RC4 128-bit session key.

Read more about security.

How do I set up Saxo Bank’s trading platforms?

The Quick Start tutorials in our TradeMentor program will help you set up the SaxoTrader and SaxoWebTrader platforms to suit your preferences, learn how to enter orders and use real-time charts.

Click here for all Quick Start guides.

Where can I download Saxo Capital Markets mobile trading app?

Saxo Capital Markets award-winning SaxoTrader for iPhone and Android can be downloaded FREE from Apple’s App Store, and from Google Play.

Click here for more information about the SaxoTrader app.

What can I trade with the SaxoTrader app?

SaxoTrader for iPhone and Android allows you to trade:

  • 160+ Forex crosses (including spot Gold & Silver and FX Forwards)
  • FX Options
  • Over 8,300 CFDs on Stocks, Stock indices, commodities and ETFs
  • 14,500+ Stocks from over 29 major exchanges
  • Futures from over 15 exchanges

You can also log into your account, place and manage orders, and access real-time data, news and charts while on the go.

I’m new to trading. Do you offer educational resources?

Yes, we do. Our TradeMentor education program is free of charge and covers all the basics of trading Forex and CFDs, technical analysis and more in a series of online videos and downloadable tutorials.

Click here to access the TradeMentor program.

What types of charts and indicators will I have access to?

Advanced charts are built into the SaxoTrader and SaxoWebTrader platforms, while basic charts are available on our mobile platform.
Chart styles include Bar, HLC Bar, OHLC, Bid/Ask, Candlestick, Dot, Forest, Line, Line-Dot, Staircase and Comparative. Various technical studies are available, including Bollinger Bands, Moving Average, Pivot Lines, Slow Stochastic and MACD.

Click here for more information about Saxo Bank’s charting system.

How does the Technical Analysis tool work?

The Technical Analysis tool helps you identify possible entry and exit points for trades as a complement to your other investment research. You can use the tool to find new trading opportunities using technical analysis and set up alerts for Stocks or currencies to receive notification when specific technical events occur.

The Technical Analysis tool is available on our platforms under the News and Research tab.

Click here to read more about the Technical Analysis tool.

How do I subscribe to real-time market data?

To receive real-time market data for Stocks, CFDs or Futures trading, you must subscribe to the individual exchanges. This will incur monthly subscription fees for each exchange from which you wish to receive real-time data.

You can subscribe to real-time data with the Subscription Tool, located under the Account menu on the trading platforms.

View Stock exchange data fees.
View Futures exchange data fees.​

How do I access real-time market news?

Free basic streaming news from Dow Jones and other leading news services is available in a variety of languages through our trading platforms.

Advanced news is available by subscription and subject to a monthly fee for each service.

To sign up for basic or advanced news services, use the Subscription Tool located under the Account menu on the trading platforms.

Click here for details on the newswires we offer.

What are Stops and Trailing Stops?

Stops and Trailing Stops are order types which help you manage risk by minimising losses and locking in profits. 

Read more about Stop Orders and Trailing Stop orders.


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