• Trade  19,000 ​+ Stocks on 36 ​​ exchanges

  • Online share trading with Saxo Capital Markets

    Through Saxo Capital Markets platforms South African investors can trade over 8,840 shares from 36 global exchanges. Clients can also benefit, subject to a subscription fee, from our integrated equity research module and stock screener to provide you with the right tools and analytics before you trade.

    Use your Stock position as collateral

    Saxo Capital Markets allows clients to reuse up to 75% of their Stock investment as collateral for margin-based trading. Example
    If you hold Shares with a value of USD 10,000 and the Shares have a 75% collateral value (as risk rated by us), you can use USD 7,500 of this collateral for trading Forex and CFDs.

    Why trade stocks with Saxo Capital Markets?

    As a Saxo Capital Markets client, you can:

    • Access 8,840 + stocks from 36 ​ global exchanges on live prices through your online platform
    • Use up to 75%* of the value of your stock as collateral for trading in margined products such as FX and CFDs
    • Hedge any FX exposure on your investments by trading FX from the same account
    • Build a multi-product portfolio on one trading account. Trade Shares, CFDs, FX, Futures and Bonds from the same account
    • Count on outstanding platform reliability. Trade online through our award-winning platform


    Features of our equity research module include

    • Detailed company information on over 11,000 Stocks worldwide
    • Consensus analyst recommendations
    • Detailed valuation measures including forward-looking multiples
    • Exclusive peer group analysis
    • The Stock Screener tool with over 250 screening criteria

    * Subject to Saxo Capital Markets internal risk rating.

  • Screen, analyse and trade with only 2 clicks

    The Stock Screener is built into both the SaxoTrader and SaxoWebTrader platforms. A Stock Screener tab is available in each platform’s Stock trading module, or it can be included as a module within existing platform tabs, e.g. Prices and Trade.

    Selecting Stocks for your portfolio The Stock Screener filters a universe of Stocks into a short-list of instruments identified according to your particular investment preferences.

    Features of the Saxo Capital Markets Stock Screener:
    • Advanced global Stock screening of 18,000+ Stocks and 8,000 + Single Stock CFDs on 30 Stock exchanges worldwide
    • Analyse, select and trade with advanced screening criteria. Stock Screener contains 250+ advanced screening criteria. It also allows you to filter Stocks by countries and sectors
    • Customisation of screening profiles allows you to save your personal screening preferences or choose from predefined profiles
    • Built-in professional Equity Research. Investors Discussion Board, Insider Trades and Market Movers modules are available to support your online Stock trading

    What will you receive if you subscribe to the Stock Screener?

    • Platform integration enabling you to filter and trade your stocks in one place
    • Research reports and analysis
    • Detailed company information including Annual Reports
    • 250 screening criteria on global stocks

    Low Fees on access to Stock Screener

    Saxo Capital Markets offers full access to the Stock Screener and advanced Equity Research for a low monthly fee of EUR 1.99 per month (EUR 200 per month for Professionals) or equivalent.

  • Equity Research Centre

    Our Equity Research Centre collates and filters essential data and brings peer-group analysis and consensus estimates from market experts direct to your trading platform.

    Premium Account and Platinum Account holders can subscribe to our Equity Research module free of charge, regardless of the number of trades placed per month.

    If you are a Classic Account holder with Saxo Capital Markets, you will be charged a monthly fee of EUR 1.99 per month (EUR 200 per month for Professionals) or equivalent.

    Watch the video to find out more about our Equity Research module.


    What will you receive if you subscribe to Saxo Equity Research module?

    • Consensus analyst recommendations
    • Comprehensive company information on over 18,000 stocks worldwide across 30 major exchanges
    • Detailed valuation measures including forward-looking multiples
    • The Stock Screener tool - an exclusive tool that uses over 250 screening criteria to find the shares that match your investment strategy

  • Sample Research Reports

    Click on one of the logos below to see a free sample research report from the Equity Research analysis tool.


    Similar reports are available on around 11,000 companies from all over the world in the Equity Research analysis tool.

  • Advanced, built-in charting package

    Charts are a key tool in any trader’s toolbox, and Saxo Capital Markets offers a world-class advanced charting package built right into its trading platforms. External technical analysis tools, including the Technical Event® lookup and Technical Event® Screener are also provided to help you identify possible entry and exit points for trades, supporting in-depth technical analysis on your favorite Stocks.

    Features of Saxo Capital Markets' advanced charts:

    • Free charting package is fully integrated into Saxo Capital Markets’ trading platforms.
    • Charts are available on all 14,500+ Stocks.
    • Order management directly from the chart.
    • Fully customizable, with free form drawing and export functions.
    • 60 technical analysis indicators are available within the charting tool.

    Read more about  advanced charting



    Technical Analysis tool

    Analysing Stocks is even easier with Saxo Capital Markets’ Technical Analysis tool, which provides automated identification and notification of changes in a Stock’s activity. Find new trading opportunities, set up alerts and receive notification when specific technical events occur.

  • Free features, tools and services

    Saxo Capital Markets knows that traders and investors recognise real value. That’s why, in addition to our competitive online trading commissions, Saxo Capital Markets offers a broad range of features, tools and services at no extra cost for clients who meet the minimum funding requirements.

    ​Direct market access to 19,000+ Stocks on 36 stock exchanges/85 trading venues ​Free
    ​Online triple access (desktop, web and mobile) to a single multi-asset account Free​
    ​Smart Order Routing for best order execution ​Free
    ​Advanced Charting Package ​Free
    ​Placing/amending orders via the phone ​Free
    ​Dedicated Client Trading manager ​Free
    ​Technical Analysis Tool ​Free
    ​Stocks portfolio as collateral for margin trading ​Free
    ​Economic Calendar ​Free
    ​Market News ​Free
    ​Custody fee for Stocks ​Free
    ​Account Fee ​Free
    ​Auto-generated monthly account reports ​Free


    Free live price data from all exchanges

    Saxo Capital Markets offer free live price data on all stock exchanges to active clients placing four or more trades per month on a particular exchange (either Stock trades or Single Stock CFD trades). For details on live price data and how to receive your discount, see Exchange agreements.

    Low access fee to Stock Screener & Equity Research

    Saxo Capital Markets offers full access to the advanced Stock Screener and Equity Research for a low monthly fee of EUR 1.99 per month (EUR 200 per month for Professionals) or equivalent. There are no activation costs and you can cancel your subscription at any time with no additional charge. For more information on trading conditions and commissions, and to learn more about using your Stock portfolio as collateral for margin trading, see Rates and Conditions.​

  • Reuse of Stock investment collateral for other investments

    Use up to 75%* of the value of your stock as collateral for trading in margined products such as FX and CFDs.


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