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    Thousands of traders in more than 180 countries prefer Saxo Capital Markets for online Forex trading. They’ve helped fuel our growth into one of the largest online retail FX brokers in the industry.

    Today, our services meet the needs of a broad range of clients from novice to professional traders, and from small hedge funds to some of the world’s largest financial institutions.

    The currency market is huge with an estimated USD 5.3 trillion traded every day. Far larger than both the Stock and Futures markets combined, there are many reasons to trade the Forex markets with Saxo Capital Markets, including:
    • Extensive FX product coverage. Saxo Capital Markets offers over 182 ​ Forex currency crosses. Trade FX on Spot, Forward Outrights, Vanilla Options, Touch Options and more.
    • Transparent pricing and order execution. We provide complete transparency to our competitive spread and we are proud to show our superior order execution statistics.
    • Client choice of liquidity provisioning: Saxo Capital Markets' quality pricing and execution or STP No Dealing Desk (NDD) execution with Direct Market Access (DMA). Learn more about the differences between NDD/DMA and Saxo liquidity.
    • Award winning platform. No other online Forex trading provider has won as many industry awards for their online FX offering as Saxo Capital Markets​.
  • Online Forex Trading in Gold and Silver with Saxo Capital Markets

    Spot Gold and Silver Forex trading is available through the Forex Trading Module built in to our suite of award-winning online trading platforms.  At Saxo Capital Markets, you can trade Gold and Silver against a range of selected currencies using up to 50 times leverage with low margins quickly and efficiently via our award-winning online trading platform 

    Gold and Silver can be traded against EUR, GBP, USD, AUD and HKD, and Platinum and Palladium against the USD.

    As a Saxo Capital Markets client, you can:

    • Trade Spot Gold & Silver against the US Dollar, Euro, Japanese Yen, Hong Kong Dollar and Australian Dollar on live prices via our award-winning online trading platforms
    • Trade Gold and Silver at spot or as an Option, Futures, CFD, ETF or ETC  
    • Leverage small price movements on the Gold & Silver Exchanges by up to 50 times both long and short
    • Low margin requirements starting from 2%

    New spot gold against silver contract

    Saxo Capital Markets will launch a new FX Spot contract XAUXAG on the 1st of October. This new cross will enable you to trade the spread between Spot Gold and Spot Silver without having to open two individual positions. The new cross will be available on all Saxo trading platforms.
  • Forex Forward Outrights from Saxo Capital Markets

    FX Forward Outrights enables investors to buy or sell currencies at a fixed rate of exchange and settlement date in the future. The majority of our 160+ currency crosses are available as Forex Forwards.

    Trade Fx Forwards directly on live-streaming prices through our award-winning online platform.  
    As a Saxo Capital Markets client, you can: 
    • Lock-in an exchange rate for future FX transactions as a hedge against currency fluctuations and interest rate changes
    • Speculate on interest rate differentials and FX fluctuations
    • Trade a wide range of currency crosses as Forwards directly on live-streaming prices
    • Count on excellent liquidity and outstanding reliability by trading through our award-winning trading platforms
  • Trading Forex. Trading Ideas.

    Take full advantage of a wide range of free tools and widgets. We provide what’s needed to take FX trading to the next level. Trade like a pro, using the tools of a pro.

    • Our FX Open Positions and FX Open Orders widget displays Saxo clients’ FX open positions as well as Saxo clients’ FX open orders, for all major currency pairs.
    • The FX Correlations tool demonstrates real time price correlation data between currencies. This widget also combines data from the Open Positions to show how currency prices correlate with actual positions.
    • Saxo provides you with insights to Market Pin Risk, Implied vs. Historic volatility, Risk reversals and even retail long/short positions ratios. See introduction to all the FX Options Analytics
    • Saxo Capital Markets' Trading Strategy Team provides daily FX market updates in their blog on Tradingfloor.com. Join a community of likeminded traders, featuring an up to date, relevant financial blog written by trading specialists.
    • TradeMentor is Saxo Capital Markets' educational programme designed to provide a thorough introduction to FX trading. To maximise the trading experience, we have created videos with tips and tricks on how to take full advantage of our platform. TradeMentor education programme gain access to 12 comprehensive trading webinars hosted by professional day trader Tom Hougaard, in addition to our exclusive education pack.
  • When it comes to FX Options Trading, Saxo Capital Markets is a recognised market leader.

    Our clients enjoy access to 41 OTC FX Options which are traded on live-streaming prices through our cutting-edge FX Options Board allowing investors to trade in real-time without dealer intervention.


  •  Here is a selection of the average spreads.

    Spread in Pips​
    EURUSD​ ​2 ​EURJPY ​​3.5
    ​GBPUSD 0.8​ ​​GBPJPY ​7
    ​AUDUSD ​3 ​USDCAD ​4
    ​EURCHF ​3 USDCHF​ ​3
    ​EURGBP ​0.8 USDJPY​ ​3

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