• Strengthen your portfolio with Contract Options from Saxo 


  • Trading Options

     Saxo Capital Markets introduces Contract Options, an alternative investment instrument that allows you to trade Contract Options on gold, oil and other commodities, currencies, interest rates, bonds and major stock indices.

    Trading opportunities with Contract Options

    • Leverages directional plays with a known loss potential
    • Volatility plays – either positioning for a directional change in volatility or for no change in volatility
    • Multi-asset portfolio hedging against price movements of the underlying assets
    • Opportunity for revenue enhancement

    Learn more about the benefits of trading Contract Options with Saxo Bank.

    Find out more about trading options with Saxo Capital Markets in the videos below:

  • Live prices with liquidity guidance

    Saxo Capital Markets provides direct market access to trade Contract Options on various underlying assets on live streaming prices with no dealer intervention. For guidance on the most volatile underlying assets, Saxo Capital Markets introduces a Volatility Gauge tool.

    Saxo Capital Markets provides access to trade the most liquid Contract Options in the most interesting markets worldwide.
    Metals​ Gold, Silver, Copper​
    Agriculture​ ​Cocoa, Coffee, Corn, Soybean, Wheat, Sugar, Cattle, Hogs
    ​Energy ​Crude Oil, Natural Gas, Gasoline
    Forex​ EURUSD, GBPUSD,​​ Other Majors
    Interes Rates​ STIRs, Gilt, Bund, Bobl, Schatz​
    ​Equity Index DAX, EUROSTOXX, FTSE,​ CAC, SMI, AEX,​ S&P500, NASDAQ, Dow Jones, ASX, HSI ​
  • Contract Options available

    Saxo Capital Markets offers trading on Call and Put Contract Options. As defined by the exchange where the Options are listed, both American and European style Contract Options are available for trading with Saxo Capital Markets.

  • Volume-based Commissions

    Traded volume - Contracts/Month​
    Contract Currency​ 1-250​ ​251-1,000 ​1,001-5,000
    USD 6.00​ 3.00​ 1.50​
    EUR​ ​6.00 3.00​ 1.50​
    GBP​ ​5.00 2.50​ 1.25​

    Trade on Margin

    Contract Options trade on margin. The size of the margin is determined by the exchange and is the same for all traders. Depending on the contract being traded, you should expect to have to place between 5%-15% in margin.

    Exchange fees still apply. *​

    See all Contract options commissions   ​

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