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    Trade Forex CFDs online


Trade Forex CFDs online
FX CFDs are a cost-efficient way to trade major currencies online. Unlike trading FX on spot there is no need to roll CFD positions overnight and no financing charge is debited or credited from the initial opening price as all costs are built into the Bid/Ask spread.

An alternative to Futures trading
Investors can now access leveraged FX trading through Forex CFDs with low margin requirements of only 1% on the first EUR 50,000 (2% thereafter) of collateral with minimum trade size of 5,000 and with no exchange fee or commission as the costs are included within the spread.

Why trade Forex CFDs with Saxo Capital Markets
  • No overnight financing costs
  • No exchange commissions 
  • Price transparency, tracks the price of the underlying futures contract 
  • All costs are included in the small mark-up added to the futures spread 
  • Low margin requirements and smaller lot sizes in comparison to the underlying Futures Contract 
  • Automated expiration 
  • Subject to our risk rating use up to 75%* of the value of your stocks or up to 90% of the value of bonds held in your account as collateral for margin trading in forex CFDs
  • Available via a single account on all platforms 
    * Subject to Saxo Capital Markets internal risk rating.

A simple and flexible alternative to Futures trading

Saxo Capital Markets provides an attractive opportunity to trade currencies in the FX market. Consider this comparison of three different ways to trade Euro/US Dollar:

CFDs​ ​Spot ​Future
Margin ​0.5% ​0.5% ​3.2%
​Min. trade size ​EUR 5,000 ​EUR 5,000 ​EUR 125,000
​Overnight Financing ​No ​Tom-Next rollover ​No
​Costs/Commissions ​Spread only ​Spread + commission on small trades ​Spread + Commisions + Exchange Fee
Expiration​ ​Yes ​No ​Yes
Stocks/Bonds as collateral​ ​Yes ​Yes ​Yes


Transparent pricing

Forex CFDs track the price of the underlying Futures Contract. You can trade without fees or commissions, instead a markup is added to the spread of the Future.

Trade on spreads from:

Forex CFDs ​Spread markup
Euro/US Dollar​ 1 pip​
Euro/British Pound​ 2.5 pips​
British Pound/US Dollar​ 2 pips​
Euro/Japanese Yen​ 2 pips​
Euro/Swiss Franc​ 2 pips​

Saxo Capital Markets South Africa is an authorized Financial Services Provider and regulated by the Financial Services Board, registration number 40983. Registered address: The Place, 1 Sandton Drive, Sandown, Johannesburg, South Africa.  

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